Jessica Wilson grew up in Washington, DC. The making of art was an early influence as she watched her mother work on illustrations for children’s books and design sets and costumes for a local dance theater.


Drawing from life began in her early teens. “Draw what you see, not what you think you see” was the constant refrain which served well to let go of preconceived ideas.


Living in Washington afforded frequent visits to the Phillips Gallery and the National Gallery of Art. Time spent looking at these collections cultivated an appreciation for classical and contemporary art, and laid the foundation for undergraduate studies at George Washington University where she majored in art history.


It wasn’t until well into her career in graphic art that she answered the call to take up painting. Thus began her studies at the Washington Studio School, a school of fine arts based in the perceptual experience with drawing from life at its core.


In 2010 Jessica and her husband made their home in Loudoun County, VA. Here she finds an abundance of subject matter to draw and paint in every direction she looks. In addition, she is a drawing instructor for the Loudoun County Public School Adult Education Program.

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